Dry Scalp Treatments: What Worked best ♡

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Hello pretty friends,

I moved from humid Florida to desert dry Utah three years ago. One of the biggest changes I had to adjust to was climate. Not only because it is so cold in Utah but the new climate made my skin go crazy.
Today I want to talk about my skin that suffered most...my scalp. The cold and dryness really made my scalp itchy and then flake. I was not use to using lots of product for it because in FL the humidity really makes a difference.

So below I'll share the ONE that worked best for me and my condition and others that I also tired.

Coconut oil
Don't know all the science behind it but this is the treatment that worked best for me. 
WHAT: I buy organic coconut oil comes in a jar. It is very pasty and its clear has no color.

HOW: After my hair was dirty (so after not washing it for two to three days) I use a comb to pretty much "scratch" out all the excess dry skin. Once I lifted all the dead skin/flakes I section my hair (I have a lot of hair). Then I finally spread the coconut oil all over my scalp. Once the scalp is all covered in coconut oil I message it in kinda like if it was shampooing.
There are lost of places that advice you to leave the coconut oil in your hair for a minutes to a few hours. I tired both but I saw best results after leaving it on overnight.
The morning after I shampoo like three times until all the "oily" leaves my hair. And then I condition (I always condition if I was my hair I think it's a good habit.

Why: Coconut oil works because of the antibacterial properties it has, it heavily moisturizes and has no other ingredient that would harm the scalp. Also as I used I notice overall smoothness and shine to my actual hair since the oil melts into your hair.

Who: Everyone can use it. It is sensitive enough for babies head. Moms use it for their baby when they have cradle cap.

Other scalp treatments I tried

  • Carrot juice/mask
  • Dove Demacare Scalp 
  • Neutrogena Daily Control T/GEL
  • Ketoconazole Shampoo 2% (prescription only, went to a DERM doctor)
  • Tea Tree oil treatments (at various salons)
  • Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Okay so I tried various treatments but like I said I found the coconut oil treatment to be best.  If you would like to know about the other treatments or if you have any other questions please ask in the comments below. I'll make sure to answer according to my experience with dry scalp. 

Thanks so much for reading!

With love from,

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