Dating Terrors: The Chill Guy ♡

Alarmed and panic are both synonyms of the word "terror" according to the dictionary--and are literally things I feel sometimes when I go on dates.
I know it sounds crazy but I do get terrified but mostly because I do online dating and who wants to get "cat fished" haha not me but at the speed of my dating life I wouldn't be surprised it happing to me. 
For example I went on a few dates with a heart surgeon. He was pretty chill to message with online (that's the first thing chatting online compared to "real life" sometimes ends up with a HUGE difference)  and we did for like a few weeks until we moved forward to meeting in person. 

Per usual we set a place and time. We exchange numbers but I always drive to the location for safety reasons-- I don't let them pick me up. 

The first date was at a Mexican restaurant and it went okay. I was just nervous since I didn't know what to expect like did he lie about his career, can someone in my age group already be a heart surgeon? But guys he was--I am just crazy haha but I really did ask a lot of in depth questions to make sure he was saying the truth haha he's just a newbie surgeon.

He asked me questions and at one point of the date once he saw I was done eating he kept on fidgeting in he's chair and looking around.

Until he flagged the waitress and said we needed the check right away. So I asked if he was okay and he said he can't just stay sitting in one place for a long time. He said why waste your life not being active. 

I was surprised by the reaction but just went with the flow and he asked if instead we could walk around and keep talking so we did just that. 

Then there was a little fence that he saw and laughed and then jumped it. And I walked around but he said he had to because in his dream he had seen that same fence and he jumped it so he did. 

Quickly after that the date ended and we went our separate ways. There was the "after date text" and I thought that was it. 

But a few weeks later he called to go on another date and I thought I should go because I think everyone gets extra nervous on first dates. 

However this date was interesting --we were going to eat at a steak house but then the wait was too long so once I got there he said let's go next door where there was no wait. 

But one thing he didn't know was that I don't do dairy and that was a BIG deal to him. Since I couldn't get almost anything from the menu he was pretty bothered (I did get meatballs and red sauce.)

He really tired to get over it by asking me questions and than I would ask him questions. 

But all his responses were am a very "chill" guy I can eat anything, am healthy, I study, I like to be outdoors and be active. I have no worries. 

So I got the feeling he didn't really like that I had food restrictions.  And as the date ended he was talking more about his career and how he had to do some big out of state surgeries.  Then we get to my car and it's already dark and he ends the date by saying 
"I can't wait until I get my hands in the blood again!"
So of course I was terrified haha but yes I knew he was referring to his job and what we were talking about but hey it was still creepy!

SO I don't regret going on the dates but everyone has red flags and maybe my food allergy was one for him or maybe that didn't even cross his mind but that's what I felt. 

Or maybe I should of not gone on the 2nd date, what would of you done? 

I have many new dating stories to share that can sound out a little odd but I promise these dates have really happened haha so I'll start to share them again. 

Thanks so much for reading!


Miami Black Strap Sandal with Revere Shoes ♡

Hello pretty friends,
 Am so excited it's finally almost summer which means I'll be wearing sandals all the time when I can. I love a good sandal that is functional and comfortable to wear for the everyday life tasks.

Thanks to Revere shoes for my Miami Black Strap sandals now I can be on the go and feel good. I wore these to go to work and shopping for last minute things for my trip and the comfort and support for my feet was the best ever. I'm so happy I can wear these all summer long and will be sandals that last more than just a season! Thanks for reading and happy shoe shopping!

 With Love from,

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