Turning Weaknesses to Strengths ♡

Hi pretty friends,

I had the great opportunity to talk about the good and the bad with my sweet friend Melissa Moyle on her podcast All Good Things
We discuss topics that I feel are personal to me and maybe others. After we recored the conversation I was even thinking I can't believe I just shared ALL of that (even though it felt great to). 
I called my sisters to tell them what parts of me that were kinda not spoken in public I had actually just said...and that maybe I didn't to share with people once it was "live." 
But here is the most surprising part --after listening to it again--I noticed I said things I thought I would never say to others or at least not with such ease and comfort?!?
Now as I write this and think about it more I believe that conversation was so fluid because it had to be shared, because we should talk about the good and the bad and because (this might be selfish) I can now go back and listen to it and remember some of that which we discussed that aren't so easy to "live" vs. say. 
I am thankful I had this opportunity and all the other experiences (good and "bad") that we discussed in this podcast episode--mostly because it is a reminder that we can turn our weaknesses to strengths and that God knows the end from the beginning. 
Friends I hope you go listen to the episode and others on this podcast so we can all enjoy each others stories and share more good. 

Thanks for reading!

With LOVE from, 

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