Make the Best With What You DO Have ♡

I never would of thought that I would be that girl who would get a little emotional on "aging/birthdays" but I AM. BUT I want to reflect on ALL the good that came of this last year of life.
First of all grateful to our Father in heaven for health, the gospel and my forever gift--my family--couldn't have asked for a better one. No matter the distance our closeness is always there and love.
I also am very lucky to have the best of friends maybe there not too many but they are everything I need.
As am speaking of great people in my life I also have some great new ones. I can also say I am lucky to be a part of a fun new team at work that make the every days fun!
This year I also got to experience more of life through traveling, eating, blogging and relationships.
To say I have enjoined every second of it would be a lie but I can say there was a lot of learning, stretching and good.
I yet still don't understand a lot of this "adulting, " growing up and learning from it all but at the same time I know I don't know the end from the beginning.
So I have to rely on what I do know I know He knows the end and I know there is always good from experiences, people and faith.
With that being said I am excited for a new year of life, for new opportunities to see the good and to build on what I DO have.

Below is a mash-up in no specific order of all the GOOD that I have photos of and of course there is more that are not pictured.

Thanks for reading along and making blogging a thing for me!

With Love from,

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