What's in my makeup bag? ♡

I have always loved makeup. I am not a makeup artist by trade but love doing peoples makeup so I have a good collection and love trying it all! Below I'll share a list of what's in makeup bag, the makeup bag I carry in my everyday purse and the makeup that I use most days to work. I have a few items that can be found in a drugstore and some that can be found in makeup boutiques.


Great shape blender

These are easy starter brushes to apply a full face of makeup, the only ones I carry in my work bag

I have used this liquid eye liner forever and it's so inexpensive 

Such pretty colors that stay on longtime 

I have thin lashes this mascara does wonders to make them more visible and easy to clean off at the end of the day

Three years of using this blush and love it, goes on so smooth and the blend colors look great on all skin tones 

I use this as eye shadow for a dewy everyday makeup look for work 

NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette Cool Neutrals
Great price nice shades 

It's a messy in the bag but that's what I use, I didn't  stage it (:

BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation
Favorite powder that doesn't feel stuffy

GEN NUDE™ Liquid Lipstick
Super long-lasting liquid lipstick that I always use for events 

Smooth on and perfect container 

Better Than Sex Mascara
All time favorite for making my lashes look longer, but takes forever to wash off 
Or waterproof 

Naked2 Palette
Love the shades, always use these for events 

Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original
This amazing and keeps eye shadow from "melting off" 

Brow Definer
If you have to draw eyebrows out bald spots

Only makeup that I use on the brows 

Matte Lipstick
I use lipsticks for events or photos only 

Brush #7B
Best tool to comb eyebrows out 

Contour Kit
The only one I tired and love how easy the colors make it to use 

This is great for dark spots 

Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer
Love this for under my eye 

Correct Click Color Corrector
Just started using this under my regular eye concealer

SO that was the list of the makeup I use most I have more that I use for special events that I can share on another post as well as more details for each type of makeup. Thanks for reading!


Easy Instagrammable Hikes in Utah ♡

Summer is just around the corner, we can feel it in the oh so warmer and longer days! Which to me it means more sunshine which means more bliss for this deprived of Vitamin C Florida girl in a Utah cold world.
But really so happy it's warmer out and even though I still am a Fl girl, I have learned to love the outdoors of Utah.
Especially hikes, well I should say EASY HIKES since, if you tell a UT local lets go on a hike it may be different level then the ones I do(:
So below I complied a list of some easy, instragrammable hikes in Utah. What's my definition of an easy instagrammable hike (just incase you do use this list to decide on a hike)? Well there are a few factors but mostly how long in distance, most of the ones I listed are a few miles only, how picture perfect they are and of course if this Florida girl can do it so can you! Happy easy hiking!

1. Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge: Draper, Utah
Start the hike at from Orson Smith Trail where there are a few parking spots. The first part of the hike is uphill walks with switchbacks. Most of the trail is rocky and sandy. Family friendly. About 2 miles out and back from the bridge. Insta worthy hike because of the bridge & views!

2.  Ensign Peaks: Salt Lake City, Utah
In the foot hills near downtown SLC, with road side parking. Most of the hike is up hill until you reach the top. The trail is rocky and about 1.8 miles back and forth. Family friendly. Insta worthy hike because of the breathtaking city views both during the day or come sunset!

3.  Hidden Pinyon Trail: St. George, Utah 
Very scenic view with all the red rocks. About 1.5 miles around trip. Rocky and sandy trail barely any shade. Get all the red rock feels photo by climbing to the top of the many boulders along the way for that insta worthy snap!

4. Neffs Canyon Trail: Millcreek, Utah
Full trail is 6.2 miles, only hiked a portion so about 2 miles round trip. Beautiful views, depending on the melt extra socks would be a good idea. Insta worthy spots in natural all around.

5.  Canyon Overlook Trail and Emerald Pools Trail: Zions National Park, Utah 
This overlook is stunning, pretty high elevation so keep your children close. 1 mile around trip, most of the trail is on the smooth terrane of the rocks. Street parking. Totally insta-worthy because of the canyon views.
The Emerald hike is also beautiful with small pools and cascades as you walk. Family friendly (for lower pools). You have three options from easy to middle level to difficult. I did the easy trail which was 1.2 miles around trip. Insta worthy because of the various pools.

6. Fifth Water Hot Springs: Spanish Fork, Utah 
This is my favorite one of all the easy trails I have done! It's a total of 4.5 miles around trip. Warning parking is TERRIBLE but besides that I loved the whole trail up to the hot springs. Very scenic hike with shaded parts, falls and hot springs. You can even pick how hot by moving around the hot springs, each little area heats up at different temps. Totally insta worthy to catch the hot spring in contrast with the waterfalls-- very beautiful!

7. Battle Creek Canyon Falls: Orem, Utah  
Easy walk up hill to the beautiful falls. Some shade along the way, family friendly and plenty of parking. Round trip it is like 2 miles (the for the falls and back, you can continue the hike after that.) The gorg water fall at the end make it totally insta worthy!

8. Delicate Arch/Arches National Park: Moab, Utah
Usually many groups on the trail but large enough for everyone. Family friendly, about 3 miles and mostly no shade. But the pay-off of seeing the arch is TOTALLY worth it. Everyone that vist's Utah should hike up to the Delicate Arch at least once, one of natures most beautiful pieces!

9. Lisa Falls: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah  
Mostly a dirt and rock trail. Very easy fast hike, around 0.45 around trip. Family friendly. The water fall area is a nice cooler area where you can climb for that perfect intsa photo.


Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G...♡

(Insert girl's name) and (boy's name) sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Safe to say you know the rest of this school rhyme.
For most of my early life, I always wondered was it really that easy? Girl meets boy and next thing you know there sitting a tree. 
But really everyone around me had their special friend, as we got older they all had their first boyfriends, then their first loves then unto finding their husbands. And just like that the rest of this school rhyme was the reality of most people in my age group except mine, at least that's what I thought.
As a young girl seeing everyone experience this innocent school rhyme before my eyes I sometimes felt like maybe something was wrong with me although I felt that I can say I truly always felt happy and celebrated those that had what I couldn't. 
At that young age I knew with every fiber of my being (I know sounds that dramatic but at that age everything seems like an eternity) that one day my prince would come. 
According to me and my journals (I started writing since the age of 11) I knew I just needed patience and continue to be the best straight laced young girl I could be and that day I yarned for would come. 
Well let me tell you I was in for a rude awaking. Why? Because I waited and waited and guess what waited some more. Little me would love to say AND then IT happened but that's not the case. 
These things have yet not happened... well kinda not completely. 
 Let me explain for this is the point why I wanted to write. 
At one point for a long time I was patient but then that turned to "I deserve," not one bit proud of that but that was the feelings I started to harvest (which is never the best attitude in any situation). 
Here's the worst part I started to feel that as a young adult not because it wasn't happing right then but because I started to feel pity for my patience self all those years ago, thinking what could of been and what things I missed out on. 
What I should of remembered is that I was happy, I was full of hope and thankful. I should of reminded myself that being and doing good is done with a full heart without expecting anything in return. So yes I spent time crying and poisoning myself over "spilled milk" ...was it even that if at that point in my life I had a better perspective? 
Anyways on to the other worst part I longed for all those things from the rhyme that my church also put emphasis on and taught me I should desire WHILE I DID have multiple opportunities to experience a lot . I will share those instances on another entry since that's a long story too.
But to wrap this one up yes am not married and yes I don't have any children of my own.
HOWEVER, I was a first time girlfriend, I did have my first kiss, I did fall in love for the first time, and I did experience what it feels like to love new spirits fresh out heaven as a first time auntie. 
Everyone's story and rhyme are not the same but we all are blessed, and we will all have struggles but what is most important is to never lose hope. Never let your "happy" slip away because it's our doing. Like late President Thomas S. Monson said

with love from, 

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