Humble Heart ♡

January is always a popular month to reflect and set goals and feel recharged for the new year. 
Well, it’s already February and lets say I have done a lot of internal reflecting. Like most people I have many at-large-goals that I would love to say “I achieved” them at the end of this year come December however I know some of those I can’t control.
So I have decided to focus on things that I can control and with a humble heart count my blessings.  
Already with only being on month two of the year I can say there so many things to be grateful for.
I have had the opportunity to have a career shift that has been wonderful and a great learning experience that challenges me. 
My sister got married to the love of her life and he couldn’t be anymore of a kind human. Am so happy she found her person and that I get to spend time with them both before they leave for grad school and new adventures. 
My new baby niece was born healthy and it’s been the sweetest experience to have my heart grow for one more special spirit sent to our family right from heaven. 
Financially I made not so smart decisions when I got my first “big girl” job and had to live with the consequences there after. But I can gladly say that the burden of those wrong decisions will be lifted soon.
Since it’s almost Valentine’s day I feel it’s fitting to address that although am single I have had the opportunity to learn more about myself and more importantly learned how to care and love others more unconditionally. 
There are always more blessings to be grateful for when we seek them with a humble heart —above I only mention a few. But these all have made life happier. 
I’ll end this blog entry with a lovely quote from Elder Uchtdorf
“You are blessed beyond measure. The world needs you and your goodness. Great opportunities await you. I love you; I admire you. Do not fear. God is with you; have faith. Use your time wisely, continue to learn, and always live worthy to have the Spirit with you.”

Thanks for reading!

With love from,

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