Self-Quarantine Diary: Living with the Spread of COVID-19

WHAT IS AND WHERE DID COVID-19 START? CDC is responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in more than 100 locations internationally, including in the United States. The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”).Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a betacoronavirus, like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV.  All three of these viruses have their origins in bats. The sequences from U.S. patients are similar to the one that China initially posted, suggesting a likely single, recent emergence of this virus from an animal reservoir.Early on, many of the patients at the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China had some link to a large seafood and live animal market, suggesting animal-to-person spread. Later, a growing number of patients reportedly did not have exposure to animal markets, indicating person-to-person spread. Person-to-person spread was subsequently reported outside Hubei and in countries outside China, including in the United States.  -CDC.GOV

 MY CURRENT SITUATION  I am single and have no family in Utah. But will still practice social distancing even if I don't live with my at risk parents because I don't want to be the reason a person at risk near me has fatal outcomes. I was sick at the end of February before all this happened so I would say I am healthy but still have a runny nose from now and then. 
I usually eat out a lot (since I don't have to cook for others) so I had to buy a lot of the normal necessities while all the grocery stores were chaos and sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other essentials.  But no worries I am fully stocked now well at least enough for one person, I think. 

On March 11, WHO publiclyexternal iconcharacterized COVID-19 as a pandemic. On March 13, the President of the United States declared the COVID-19 outbreak a national emergency. 
I live in UTAH, read here to see everything that SHOOK people in my community in 48hrs. 

From there things changed so quickly for me personally, in Utah and the nation.
My last day at the office was on Friday, March 13th where we were asked to use gloves at our onsite cafeteria, that made me nervous but grateful for concerned leaders who are proactive. 

After that I went shopping one more time on Saturday, March 14th to try and find hand sanitizer. I woke up early and went to HOME DEPOT, 2 WALGREENS, HARMONS (local grocery store) and finally WALMART I did buy more food and even got lucky to find TP that I ended up giving to a senior lady who was talking on the phone saying that some else had taken a lot of what was left (which was true the other lady's cart was full of TP). So I gave her my 12 roll pack and instead I bought a six roll pack since I already had some at home. I also meet a nice senior man who was German and needed help--he couldn't tell which was TP or paper towels. When I got home I was unloading and one of my neighbors chatted with me and as I was finishing up he GAVE me a bag with TP and hand sanitizer, I didn't want to take it but he was getting offended so we did a trade I told him I would only accept if he took one of my first aid kits (I had a feeling to buy two earlier that day.) Grateful for the Spirit and charity of people. 

Therefore after two days of uncertainty at work, shopping but with moments to witness charity I decided to keep an online self-quarantine diary of what it is like to live through this season of life with COVID-19 spreading globally.

1. Sunday, March 15th: First day of at home church. I did not get dress in my #sundaybest but I did "get ready" and found all my gospel books and even learning flashcards to better know the parables from the scriptures (I had bought these for my future kids and hadn't used them.) The leaders of our church have been preparing us for this, which is a blessing. Then I FaceTimed my family for a little, spoke with friends on their status around the US on the phone, helped a new friend find place to do laundry since her complex shut hers down (as a single person reaching out to people is a good way to feel helpful since I don't look after others at home), started to eat my storage food (hopefully it last I love eating haha) and walked around the neighborhood with a friend while compiling with social distancing and even said "hello"with an elbow tap. Grateful for technology
2. Monday, March 16th: First day of at home work. I had meetings, got work done and had time to think about some of my projects which at work sometimes it's difficult since we always meet with people all day. I didn't leave the house "after wok" I FaceTimed family, spoke with friend on the phone --one told me that Costco in Salt Lake City didn't have pasta or hand sanitizer but they did restock on food, another friend prayed with me over the phone which brought so much peace.  Grateful for prayer and good people

3. Tuesday, March 17th:
Second day of work at home went by fast lots of virtual meetings. I did go walk with a friend and practiced social distancing to order take-out and support small businesses --they will be struggling soon since almost all people are eating from their food storage. President Trump said gatherings should be less than ten so most restaurants and stores in downtown Salt Lake City have closed. There still some food spots open like the one I went to was ONE customer at a time to order inside and wait outside for the order --no eating inside. Grateful for the opportunity to work from home. 

4. WED., March 18th:
WHAT A DAY. Woke up to an 5.7 EARTH QUAKE  here in UTAH. It was one of the most scarcest ways to start the day especially since everyone is already worried by Corona. What are the odds that the last big earth quake in Utah was 30 years ago and the next one was now. I taught it was a dream. My room, bed everything shook and my roommate yelled my name like twice she was scared because I live in the basement. I ran upstairs and we talked it out. We prepared "go bags" to be ready and leave if we had to. We felt aftershocks all day and one was like a 4. We still had to work from home but it's not easy because I had so much anxiety, and felt worried and didn't want to sleep again. But I had good friends talk to me and pray on the phone and Facetimed but even after that I was so consumed by scary feelings so I spoke with my roommate about the crazy times we are living and I ended sleeping upstairs on an air mattress since I literally was terrified the house would collapse on me.This is what I texted my sisters (omitting names):
"I think I had high anxiety any noise I heard from the house I felt like it was another. our family was not available so I FaceTime with a friend, spoke with another friend and she prayed for me again. And then I went to my roommates room and she felt the same and spoke for like an hour and she was very nice and comforting and I slept on her air mattress in the office."
I am grateful for health and life.

5. Thursday, March 19th:
Today was more normal and I felt 100% more calm than yesterday. Worked and had many virtual meetings. Haven't had time to stop and watch a show or movie since I spend my "free time" with family and friends on the phone but maybe tmrw since it's FRIDAY I will. Also I have been wearing my Disney shirts this week, I was going to Disney Land at the end of MARCH. Grateful for my job, love what i do
6. FRIDAY, March 20th:
Worked long hours I feel like sen more than office hours since I am home with no where to be it's easy to lose track of time. BUT I finally did watch some "TV" well I streamed two classic movies I had not seen before: 10 Things I hate about you and Never Been Kissed--both were funny! And I finally saw STAR GIRL on Disney+ --I am a big fan of Grace since day she won AGT. I also went on a walk around my neighborhood. Thankful for online streaming services
6. Saturday, March 21st:
I finally went out to buy more food but I wired gloves and had my "kit" in the car. I also went and supported a local food spot no dining in but most places have pickup or deliver. Grateful for small business. 

6. Sunday, March 22nd:
Went to my first "at home" church mini meeting that was composed of two men and four women including myself. It was nice to feel the spirit. Then for the rest of the afternoon I got to celebrate one of my friends birthday's by cutting up dome some fruit with a candle and giving a little gift and being outdoors (it was beautiful even warm day). The church news shared 1000s of missionaries are returning home from all over the around, some will be sent elsewhere after the self isolated and others would just be done with their service. Thankful for the celebrations of life like birthdays. 
7. Monday, March 23rd:
Very interesting more and more food chains have pivoted there commercials very quickly to support delivery food type services since it's the way most people are "eating out" now days. I mostly eat from my food storage which I spent so much money on before all the got worst, so U have to try and eat it. Grateful I had the means to store up food and essentials
7. Tuesday, March 24th:
A blessing of working from home right now has been being able to "take care" of myself more. Usually if I fell ill or have pains from my period or anything else I just tough it out but today was one of those pain days and it was nice to do something about it as I worked. And then the night ended with the usual FaceTimes with family and friends but we had extra special Google Hangouts with my family. Grateful for blessings in dark times
8. Wed., March 25th:
Lots of work but feel lucky to be working from home and still do what I love. Today more missionaries came home from around the world including my brother-in-law little sister. Prince Charles tested positive. LDS Temples closed. Highlight of the day was a "girls night" via FaceTime. Grateful for my childhood friends

9.  Thursday, March 26th:
We felt another after shock from the earth quake now a week later, it was scary since it originated from SLC not Magna like the others. It also snowed and it is Spring. I was able to FaceTime with a friend too. Grateful for iPhones 

10.  Friday, March 27th:
Today complete two weeks of working from home, so crazy. I didnt even notice it was the end of the week since the days feel the same. Have been eating too many snacks and working long days. Grateful for funny memes

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