What Changes Coronavirus Caused in 48Hrs

Hello MARCH! It surly made it's entrance with a big bang--that is COVID-18 (novel coronavirus) made it's way to the U.S.  So much has happened in this last month, even week or even the last 24 and 48hrs
Below is the recap of the news that I consumed and following below is a photo journal (well what my most recent photos in my iPhone) of life with corona in Utah.

  1. WHO declares COVID-19 is officially a pandemic emergency 
  2. Presidency of my Church announces that ALL five sessions of the April 2020 general conference will be distributed across the world via technology only
  3. The missionaries of my Church that were going to enter the training center in various location around the world will now be trained remotely via video conference
  4. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for COVID-19
  5. The Jazz and Thunder players were quarantined in the OKC arena
  6. The NBA suspends the season and will use the hiatus to determine next steps 
  7. Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz tested positive for COVID-19
  8. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive from COVID-19 while filming 
  9. President Trump addresses the nation on the pandemic and how federal agencies plan to respond 
  10. President Trump announces restrictions to travel to Europe and from.
  11. City Creek mall in Salt City shuts down mid-day (was going to lunch there with my coworkers and we see a handful of security running and my boss ask them what happened all they said was that the mall was shutting down in a few minutes. We proceed to walk to lunch at the Food court and were told they were asked to stop serving food effective immediately. We joked around to what it could be and I was kinda scared so I tweeted the mall and asked why we were asked to leave. The response was that they had a shopper confirm they had corona and was at the mall on March 10th.
  12. Governor of Utah told it's residents that those over 60 shouldn't be in gatherings of more than 20 and everyone else shouldn't gather in more than 100. 
  13. Disneyland park in California closed and announces company will pay cast members during shutdown
  14. BYU cancels classes until the 17th and thereafter will resume classes remotely
  15. First presidency of my Church announces that our gatherings have been temporarily suspended worldwide and local leadership will make plans for partaking of the sacrament at least once a month 
  16. Walt Disney World announces it will close the theme parks and cruises in Florida too 

Utah grocery food scene: Toilette Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Rubbing Alcohol, Disinfecting wipes and more sold out...

Media coverage (what I consumed through my channels)

From WHO:

SO yes March started off pretty different and with thin the last few days things keep on changing --and will probably go down in history (we are living historical times). But something to be thankful for are our leaders who are trying there best to spread health and preparedness at a nation, local and religious levels. 
Personally, I am very grateful the President from my Church who is a notable doctor which is a blessing in these times and has taught us how to a have a Christ and Church centered home if and when leaving the house isn't the best. 
On that note I hope everyone is trying to be safe and kind and acting with reason to others around us who maybe at risk.

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