OUR STORY: How We Met ♡

Answering our top question: How did we met?

But first of all thank so much for all the kindness and sweet messages about the engagement means the world to me🤍

Here’s the condensed version of the story, feel free to ask questions. 

We didn’t match by swiping left or right on each other...

BUT we were matched by using professional matchmakers. I didn’t want to give it a try at first, I thought it sounded too gimmicky or even something written for the movies or reality T.V. But my friend who had seen the billboard told me to “apply," at this point she was in a serious relationship so she figured it would be fun for me to try or at least fun enough for a blog post. So she insisted and I convinced myself...why not if I had tried apps, dating sites, blind dates and everything else in between...

So in summary it was not a traditional way to match nor was the “process” but I know it was meant to be and for many reasons I’ll share later it was the perfect way for me and perfect timing.🤍

THE PROCESS (My Perspective)
 Two years ago I created my initial profile that was added to the "Little Black Book." I submitted pictures, a bio and answered questions. All information shared was kept private, only to be used in matching. 

Then once my profile was accepted I became eligible to be matched with one of their active "clients."
Joining is FREE. I did not pay for any of the process on my end. 

I went out with one of their clients for the first time the year I assigned up. It was a nice date, great guy but no spark to develop a future relationship. 

Fast forward to COVID summer while I was living in Florida because of remote work, I got a call from the matchmakers --the same week I had bought a flight back to Utah after almost 7 months because I was in the middle of buying my first home and needed to go see it (I had only seen it online). 

To my surprise this time I was communicating with the lovely owner of the matchmakers agency. She said I had been kindly recommended after her staff had met me last time I was set up. She was excited to chat because of my job, I am a Product Manager for my day job. In her past life she was a recruiter for PMs which made our chat easy and great. Then at the end of our conversation she said she had someone in mind for me who was super kind. 

I was very excited they had thought of me again but I did not think much would come of it because it did not the last time and I was already excited to go on some dates with guys I had been Facetime dating over the summer. But my sister had a good feeling about this one. So I said yes. 

They sent me a picture to see if I was attracted to him and of course I was. The first week he started to go on dates I was already going on dates with the summer guys but then I met him the second weekend rounds of dates which was my first weekend back to Utah. 

AND it was an amazing first date. I was shocked it went so well. We chatted for hours and it felt like minutes. I was also surprised because at this point I had become a serial dater haha and nothing came of them but this one was different. I only hoped it was the same for him. 

After the date I got sent a post date survey with questions, ratings, suggestions and overall "performance."

Of course, I scored him high. 

Now unto a little insight on how the process is for the client which in this case was the guy but girls can apply for it too. 

He applied to be the client which is a whole process too, the matchmakers don't take everyone. Even if you can pay the service they vet you first. 

Below is what the VIP MATCHMAKER program includes:
  • They screen all potential matches according to his criteria.
  • Date planning (they make reservations and give ideas)
  • Weekly strategy after date calls
  • Dating Coach (who was a previous marriage therapist)
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Image consulting 
  • Real-time dating advice 
  • Access to extensive online learning system
A two month minimum is required, which is what he did. 

So for the first 2 months he was meeting many girls from the match service. They taught him not to "pick" a girl too fast even if he had a favorite. For example on week 3 he wanted to invite me on a family trip but he was advised not to because it was too early in our relationship and he still needed to go through the process of many more first dates, some second dates and third dates. 

Eventually he had less first dates and through the process he kept on going on dates with me. 

Until there were two other girls and me who had gone on multiple dates with him and he wanted to be "pre exclusive with me" so he cut ties with the other two girls and was still going on some first dates with new girls until we became exclusive (boyfriend/girlfriend). 

At that point I had taken the "risk" of ending all my other dating relationships even if I knew I was still in the process but I was ready to only date him. He then told me that he had stopped taking out the others girls like a month before we became exclusive. 

And after that our relationship became more like the norm. Lots of fun dates. Lost of traveling since we are long distance and lost of Facetime and long phone calls. But we also had help from the dating coaches --teaching us, and taking us through the stages to strengthen and deepen our connection and love all the way up until now. 

We still do couple sessions with the coach, they have been so amazing in building a secure attachment and lasting love.

SO YEAH... it really does sound like a movie, or reality TV show a la mode the Bachelor but for me it was all very real, it was what was meant to be for me to find my person and I couldn't be happier. 

And now we are engaged!!! That's a whole nother story, I was super surprised--read here(;

Feel free to ask questions.

*Okay everyone is asking who we used? Here is the link to signup:

with love, 

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