Our Story: The Proposal ♡



If you didn't know I was dating, read here to see how we met. 

But now back to this magical day, still feels like a dream.

I have been working remote for the past year because of Covid. And have been lucky to work from wherever including in Florida with my family. 

I thought since the world is "opening up" again that I would be working from the office next month in May therefore April was my last chance to work from Florida and it was going to be the weeks that Mark, was going to be on call so super busy and we weren't planning on seeing each other (we are long distance but would fly to each other on the weekends.)

So I booked my flight for two weeks, my sister who lives in Boston also came along with her baby for the first time since COVID. 

Now that all the sisters were in town (we are three girls) we planned a beach front vacation for my dad's birthday. And while being at the beach we were planning on taking family photos.

So the week leading up to the beach weekend, we all went shopping to buy outfits for the "pictures" and we did our nails. 

Then the weekend came and we left for the beach. It took us forever since it was Spring Break lots of bumper to bumper traffic. 

But we made it and then it started to rain but very heavy since a storm was coming. We had to stay indoors to let it go by. 

That same day we were suppose to take family photos and go to my dad's birthday dinner. So we started to get ready even though it was pouring still. 

I was ready first so I started to dance with my two little nieces and then my sister said...


We all go down to the beach, my brother-in-law said "we can take them here by the hammocks" and I went to touch them and they were soaked ---I think he was just setting up the area to where MARK would be. 

And just like that when I was finishing saying "it's wet", my niece yells "LOOK, LOOK" I turn around and it's him walking out of the trees with a small blue box in his hands. 

And I just manage to say "NOO WAY," BUT even today I know the feeling I had. I was so surprised. So shocked he was there. I felt like I was in a literal dream. Like I felt I was still upstairs napping or something. 

Like is this real life?? He did such a great job involving my family (he also asked my dad before hand too) and keeping it a secret. I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER that he was coming or that he was going to propose. 

We had even talked all week about his busy work schedule. So in that moment it just feel so surreal but so sweet and beautiful. 

The storm also had stopped. He even ran like over a mile (physically instead of waiting in traffic in the car) to make it for the most beautiful sunset at the beach—it was perfect.

I could of never imagined a better way for him to do it or a better man. Best day ever!

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