Future MRS. Ogilvie: Florida Bridal Shower ♡


Future MRS. Ogilvie...has a nice ring to it #ogilvieeverafter

I love being a daughter, sister, friend and aunty & now I am so excited to add Mrs. to all the things I love to be.🤍 Thanks to my mom and sisters for hosting my 3rd shower and everyone who made it special for attending. 
The theme of course was Future Mrs. and I loved it. They bought me a personalized pageant sash and I totally loved wearing. I have to my surprise loved all the "cheesy" bride swag and wearing white to all my parties it's been the sweetest experiences. 
The food was so great since it was hosted an Italian restaurant plus fruit tarts and my family's "traditional"cake is the white chocolate raspberry bundt cake..yum!
We also had super fun games, questions that Marked answered that I needed to guess (that melted my heart because he remembers all the little details), a drawing game to guess my dress, the guest guessing what "I rather" (I have become so Utah hahah my answers shocked people...) fun date night/and advice was given too. 
And because I am from Florida this Bridal Shower was so special because the ladies who went wept with me through the years over my heartaches and to finally have found my dream man now they have even more really felt the pure happiness and joy with me. 
You never know what the future holds but one thing that is for sure is to welcome and love people along the way that make everyday sweeter. 
I feel lucky I get to share this joy and bliss of marriage with all my people. 


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Bride To Be: Utah Friends Bridal Shower ♡


I have lived in Utah since 2015 so pretty much 6 years (I just moved again). Yes, I learned to not just consider it my home but loved all the growth and people that made it special. And now during my wedding celebrations season it was extra special to gather with ladies from my different points of my timeline in Utah. 

I feel lucky and grateful to my bestie and her mom who hosted this second shower in Utah. They are like my family and I know were placed in my life with purpose. 

Now on to the party. The decorations were all so beautiful and pink and the food so yummy and pretty.Oh and we can;t forget the perfect peonies bouquet, which lasted in my kitchen for days--they truly were the most stunning flowers.  

We had a great time with the games that were hosted by another one of my sweet friends. And of course the opening of the gifts were a whole another experience because of the more personal wedding night ones. 

Overall, I truly felt so loved and so happy to just remember all the moments in Utah and all the experiences that made me grow and opened my heart to being happy with the present. Because in the end of the day God knows best and knows the whole picture. 



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Shabby Chic Lemonade Bar: Bridal Shower ♡


Feel so blessed and lucky to have the family and friends that I have already and so excited for the new family I gain through Mark. They have treated me so kindly and have made me feel included since day one. They even hosted a super cute Shabby Chic Lemonade Bar Bridal Shower for me. 

This Bridal Shower was the first to kick-off all the wedding celebrations. I got to get to know more of the ladies in Mark's family who I hadn't yet shared time with and also with those who I had already built relationships with. 

The food was so great it was sweet bacon and sugared biscuits and other yummy breakfast type goodies. The DIY lemonade bar was super cute. The mason jars gave it the extra touch for the shabby chic look. 

What was used for the Lemonade Bar:

  • flavored syrups
  • lemonade
  • ice
  • mason jars or clear plastic cups
  • glass pitchers 
  • cute straws
  • fresh seasonal fruit
  • lemon slices
  • Mint leaves 



3 pumps blueberry flavoring




lemon slice

mint leaf


3 pumps watermelon flavoring



fresh strawberry slices

lemon slice

mint leaf


2 pumps peach flavor

2 pumps mango flavoring



black berries

lemon slice

mint leaf

  P.S. Lastly something fun I decided to do as a bride-to-be is to try and wear white for all my upcoming celebrations (I mention this in the video below, here is the back-story). I first wore white not on purpose since my proposal was a total surprise but at the beach. And then I wore a white sequin dress for our Engagement photos and now I wore this cute collared Urban Outfitters and Ralph LAUREN outfit for this first bridal shower. I'll write a blog post to follow on all my "white looks" (;


I want all the white dresses 💍🤍👰🏻 (this is the 2nd one, my first was for engagement photos) ##bridalshower ##whitedress ##bridetobe ##weddingplanning

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Easy Full Choreographed Wedding Dance to "A Thousand Years" ♡


These last few months have been so busy but truly full of experiences that I will always cherish and remember. Being the "bride to be" has been one of those experiences that I felt so far away but life can change in as fast as a light switch as it did for me. I will start sharing all the wonderful bride and wedding experiences I got to do in preparation for our wedding and marriage. 

To start with, I'll share this fun video of a dance lesson for a choreographed 1st dance for the bride and groom to our choice of wedding song "A Thousand Years."

But first a little background on the song choice. I had a list of songs that I thought were romantic and beautiful enough to be a 1st dance song. But Mark wanted a song that would be meaningful to us and musically would lend itself to a traditional waltz. 

He brought up "A Thousand Years," and I was shocked because I am a total TWILIGHT fan and this song is off the film's soundtracks. But after dating Mark this song had a whole knew meaning. I always knew this song had great relation to me because I was single throughout all my 20s so that meant to me I had "waited 1000 years."

However, one day on a road trip Mark and I were just casually talking, as he drove us, about the past and how excited we both were about where we were up until that point and how a year ago we didn't know each other. 

And he said (in a jokingly matter I thought... )

"Did you miss me when you were in school?"

I said "I didn't even know you. And to keep joking I said "Did you you miss me?"

I asked but mostly because I knew of course not...

He said "Of course you didn't know I existed. But I did miss you, I missed you every year. I knew you existed. You already existed in my mind and in my heart. I just had to find you."

AND he did find me, we found each other thanks to the Lord's timing and grace. 

Now back to the dance.  

Before this lesson we already had taken a dancing lesson class as one of our dates during courtship. From all my years in the dating world Mark was always the most creative and fun with dates including this a dance class (he mostly wanted to fulfill his dream of Latin dancing with a Latin girl hahah).

So this pre-wedding dance class was his idea too. Although because of my dress and timing we did not dance what we had learned this was still a fun relationship building date and special memory. If asked I would advise couples to do so if they have the time. 

I got to wear my wedding shoes and felt all the feelings practicing our dance to our wedding song in that almost empty (our dance instructor was there) ballroom it was truly such a surreal private moment. 

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