Bride To Be: Utah Friends Bridal Shower ♡


I have lived in Utah since 2015 so pretty much 6 years (I just moved again). Yes, I learned to not just consider it my home but loved all the growth and people that made it special. And now during my wedding celebrations season it was extra special to gather with ladies from my different points of my timeline in Utah. 

I feel lucky and grateful to my bestie and her mom who hosted this second shower in Utah. They are like my family and I know were placed in my life with purpose. 

Now on to the party. The decorations were all so beautiful and pink and the food so yummy and pretty.Oh and we can;t forget the perfect peonies bouquet, which lasted in my kitchen for days--they truly were the most stunning flowers.  

We had a great time with the games that were hosted by another one of my sweet friends. And of course the opening of the gifts were a whole another experience because of the more personal wedding night ones. 

Overall, I truly felt so loved and so happy to just remember all the moments in Utah and all the experiences that made me grow and opened my heart to being happy with the present. Because in the end of the day God knows best and knows the whole picture. 



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♬ Going To The Chapel - The Paragons

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