Easy Full Choreographed Wedding Dance to "A Thousand Years" ♡


These last few months have been so busy but truly full of experiences that I will always cherish and remember. Being the "bride to be" has been one of those experiences that I felt so far away but life can change in as fast as a light switch as it did for me. I will start sharing all the wonderful bride and wedding experiences I got to do in preparation for our wedding and marriage. 

To start with, I'll share this fun video of a dance lesson for a choreographed 1st dance for the bride and groom to our choice of wedding song "A Thousand Years."

But first a little background on the song choice. I had a list of songs that I thought were romantic and beautiful enough to be a 1st dance song. But Mark wanted a song that would be meaningful to us and musically would lend itself to a traditional waltz. 

He brought up "A Thousand Years," and I was shocked because I am a total TWILIGHT fan and this song is off the film's soundtracks. But after dating Mark this song had a whole knew meaning. I always knew this song had great relation to me because I was single throughout all my 20s so that meant to me I had "waited 1000 years."

However, one day on a road trip Mark and I were just casually talking, as he drove us, about the past and how excited we both were about where we were up until that point and how a year ago we didn't know each other. 

And he said (in a jokingly matter I thought... )

"Did you miss me when you were in school?"

I said "I didn't even know you. And to keep joking I said "Did you you miss me?"

I asked but mostly because I knew of course not...

He said "Of course you didn't know I existed. But I did miss you, I missed you every year. I knew you existed. You already existed in my mind and in my heart. I just had to find you."

AND he did find me, we found each other thanks to the Lord's timing and grace. 

Now back to the dance.  

Before this lesson we already had taken a dancing lesson class as one of our dates during courtship. From all my years in the dating world Mark was always the most creative and fun with dates including this a dance class (he mostly wanted to fulfill his dream of Latin dancing with a Latin girl hahah).

So this pre-wedding dance class was his idea too. Although because of my dress and timing we did not dance what we had learned this was still a fun relationship building date and special memory. If asked I would advise couples to do so if they have the time. 

I got to wear my wedding shoes and felt all the feelings practicing our dance to our wedding song in that almost empty (our dance instructor was there) ballroom it was truly such a surreal private moment. 


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