I said YES to the dress(es) ♡


I had so much fun trying on wedding dresses I felt so beautiful I pretty much loved all of them. I wish I could wear them all🤍But for the ones I did get I got all the feels and knew my boy would love it.

💍👰🏻🤍Also felt so lucky my family flew out to go wedding dress shopping🙏🏼. I had been looking forward to finding my dream dress and totally had ideas of what I wanted but my advice is to try on all styles of dresses since what you save on pinterest or screen shot might not be or fit the way you thought.

To my surprise I loved two very different styles one I thought I wouldn't even try one but once on I loved it. Having time to make the dress what you wish is so important too. So make sure you have lead time ahead of your bridals if you take them or of your date. You want to have time if something goes wrong or a fix the wedding dress isn't what you thought it would be.

But of all enjoy this time, I am happy I did. I loved every minute of it.

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