Lily's Birth story ♡

Unforgettable kind of Labor Day weekend for us 🤍

We got to experience the miracle of life. Miracle is really the only way to describe giving birth and motherhood (only a mom for some days but I’ll count the creating/pregnancy as one too.) 🙏🏼

I was preparing and planning for vaginal birth however our Lily baby moved —meaning she was breached and so we went forward with a c-section.

Thanks to the grace of God it all went well.
I got to see the birth through a mirror and my husband saw it “live” over the drape. Hearing her voice even before she was completely out was so surreal, followed by having her put on me by her daddy🤍An experience we will never forget.

It’s unbelievable how God has made us women and babies to endure and be able to do so much. I am grateful we had a safer way to bring Lily into this world and that above all she is healthy. #birthstory #labor #newborn #csection #givingbirth




Our summer flower made her arrival, we are in love!~ 


Named after both maternal grandmothers. We feel so blessed and grateful she is healthy and here--will share birth story soon. 


I am going to miss the belly...last weeks of pregnancy ♡

 I always had the dream of becoming a mom and could of not imagined how special growing and carrying a belly would be. What a tender a special moment to connect to the baby through the power of God. I could literally feel the outpour of His love for me and the special spirit in me. It was just so sweet to know with ny husband and almighty God we will bring a baby girl to life. I loved feeling her movements and little heartbeat. Every appt. was so exciting as we got closer. Of course there were some issues with getting sick and moving but the joy I felt carrying this bump is something I always remember. My first bump to start us as a family of three. The first bump I got to style and only bump I got to be pregnant with my sister.  I will sure miss the bump but excited for the arrival of my summer flower. 

@withlovefromkris Any other #firsttimemamas with me? 🤰🏻🙄 so nervous! #labor #givingbirthbelike #momtobe #firstpregnancy #thirdtrimester ♬ original sound - ʚ ᵛᵅⁿⁿⁱᵉ ɞ


Florida Beach Maternity Photo Shoot ♡

Photos by: https://remainphotography.com/rpfamily

Our maternity shoot was taken in the gap of moving from Alabama to Utah which was pretty much the last window before I was too pregnant to fly (air lines have a cut off) or even road trip (my feet and legs start to swell). So we got lucky it worked out fine right after Mark graduated from his fellowship and while we got to visit my family.

I always dreamed of a white beach maternity shoot and feel so excited on how these turned out. Also side not we had beach photos for all the big milestones before too first when we got engaged, than our bridals and we had waterfront photos for our wedding day too so having these at the beach for our first baby bump felt right and special. We wore white and neutrals and our photographer does not use moody editing he is more of a true to life editing which I LOVE since I think they will be more timeless for me. 
Anyways we will treasure these photos forever, they will always be our first bump and blessing of growing our family. 



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