Orlando Florida Temple Wedding Photos ♡


Getting married in the Orlando Florida Temple, was a beautiful experience. All my sisters got married there and it is also the first one I went when I was a kid. It is also the first temple built in Florida now there are two more. I also actually thought I would get married in Utah which is where I had been living for the last almost 7 years. However my sweet husband thought it would be meaningful to have our special day in Orlando and it truly was. 


Our Wedding Aesthetic ♡

 One of my favorite memories of the wedding will always be how the venue and decorations came together for the dreamiest evening ever that made for a romantic aesthetic! I didn't really want color so everything was nude tones from whites, ivory, blush, tones of tan and accents of gold (metal brass). Our floral design where all about those nudes colors too and textures from the flowers and contrast in the greenery. The tablescape had the same tone in colors and florals but we added half low arrangements and the other half were high--all setup with low and high candles for a candle-lite dinner experience--which I loved so much against the waterfront views. We also had handmade table numbers, our LED light Ogilvie, our wedding hashtag sign for our photobooth and another for our cake topper. One more thing I think added to our romantic feel was having live musicians for cocktail hour on the pier, for our ring ceremony and for our dinner after that we had a DJ. Overall I will treasure what our wedding day looked liked, no regrets!

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