BABY OGILVIE IS A...? #genderreveal #wecanbearlywait ♡

Where has time gone?? I mean I am already in my 2nd trimester and feeling so much better.  We had the opportunity to go to Florida in MARCH when I was 13/14 weeks to do a combined party for our gender reveal and arrival of baby Hoffmann my sister's third baby girl--- we are so excited. The theme was "We can BEARLY Wait," so we had cute teddy bear themed centerpieces and cookies. We had a light lunch served and our fav Nothing Bundt Cake. Our local friends and family joined us. 

We faced timed my sister and her family in CA and my aunt in Miami and my cousin and her family in another part of CA. My sister Kim is the one who knew the results. I did the DNA test in AL but sent her the results  until the party she didn't find out until two days before. 

We had a big black balloon with blue and pink tassles strings tied to the top and inside had confetti of the gender of our baby.

NOW for the moment!!! I was so nervous don't know why?? I guess this really meant baby is really coming, I will be able to picture the future more and start planning and buying baby everything. Mark held the ballon since he is tall and I had to pop the balloon. I tried and couldn't and then everyone was encouraging me to and I started to cry...maybe hormones but I just felt an intense feeling of gratitude that I WAS ACTUALLY HAVING THIS MOMENT WITH MY HUSBAND AND MY FAMILY THAT IT WAS REALLY MY TURN TO BE A MOM not sure why that felt more real in that moment but it did. I had no idea what our baby gender would be but I knew the baby growing inside of me already picked us to be parents. So I FINALLY POPPED it and...

IT'S A GIRL!!!! PINK confetti filled the air as I had tears of joy and shocked at the fact I get to be a girl mom of my own (I have always felt a deep connection to my sister's children). 

I also thought if my grandmam's who have passed away especially one who got the news I was pregnant but didn't make it to know she's a girl. I like to think they meet already. 

My mom literally jumped for joy she guessed baby would be a girl, my dad guessed boy and the winning votes were for boy but we having a girl!

Here the video of the party, some guest who guessed and the actual balloon popping. 

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