Pregnancy Symptoms: Aversions vs. Cravings ♡

                                 14 week bump 

I barely had #pregnancysymptoms the first weeks of pregnancy but towards the mid 1st trimester. Read my #aversions and #cravings below….🤮🤤

-smell of popcorn (🍿so bad I threw up when at the movie theaters, so we haven’t gone back 😅)
-garlic taste and smell
-cooking red meat 🥩
-too sweet or sugary treat (AND I usually love sweets) 🍭
-oiliness/greasiness in food (like fired chicken or 🍟McDonald’s fries taste like drinking oil)
-bleach/ cleaning supplies /fridge smell
-dirty dishes (like if I see food on it)

-fruits 🍉🍌🍓🍊(ORANGE OR CITRUS anything is king hahahA)
-cheesiness (but I am lactose and tolerant)
-plain rice 🍚
-bread (I rarely ate carbs before)
-eggs (normally less fav breakfast item)
-cold water (I usually liked room temp)
-veggies in weird combos (like cucumber and Mayo)
-pan pizza (hard one since I am lactose and tolerant)🍕

I also bought the book "Real Food for Pregnancy: The science and wisdom of optimal prenatal nutrition," by Lily Nichols RDN, CDE and have been learning what type of foods work best and what combos. I also loved what she said about what I am eating now is of the first of foods that I am introducing to my baby that will effect her once she starts eating solids in the future. 

I still can't feel shocked with this all and how I am literally creating a human inside me, what a blessing!

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