I am going to miss the belly...last weeks of pregnancy ♡

 I always had the dream of becoming a mom and could of not imagined how special growing and carrying a belly would be. What a tender a special moment to connect to the baby through the power of God. I could literally feel the outpour of His love for me and the special spirit in me. It was just so sweet to know with ny husband and almighty God we will bring a baby girl to life. I loved feeling her movements and little heartbeat. Every appt. was so exciting as we got closer. Of course there were some issues with getting sick and moving but the joy I felt carrying this bump is something I always remember. My first bump to start us as a family of three. The first bump I got to style and only bump I got to be pregnant with my sister.  I will sure miss the bump but excited for the arrival of my summer flower. 

@withlovefromkris Any other #firsttimemamas with me? 🤰🏻🙄 so nervous! #labor #givingbirthbelike #momtobe #firstpregnancy #thirdtrimester ♬ original sound - ʚ ᵛᵅⁿⁿⁱᵉ ɞ

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