Lily's Birth story ♡

Unforgettable kind of Labor Day weekend for us 🤍

We got to experience the miracle of life. Miracle is really the only way to describe giving birth and motherhood (only a mom for some days but I’ll count the creating/pregnancy as one too.) 🙏🏼

I was preparing and planning for vaginal birth however our Lily baby moved —meaning she was breached and so we went forward with a c-section.

Thanks to the grace of God it all went well.
I got to see the birth through a mirror and my husband saw it “live” over the drape. Hearing her voice even before she was completely out was so surreal, followed by having her put on me by her daddy🤍An experience we will never forget.

It’s unbelievable how God has made us women and babies to endure and be able to do so much. I am grateful we had a safer way to bring Lily into this world and that above all she is healthy. #birthstory #labor #newborn #csection #givingbirth

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