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Time has sure just gone so fast. I really do know now that babies change and grow so much in an blink of an eye it's crazy. My Lily has had so much growth from birth to newborn to now that she is an infant. 

I have kept track of her milestones via my Instagram, find the post below. In addtion to what I have on IG I would like to add it feels so amazing to see all her new "little" (not to her she is so proud  when she works hard to learn something new like rolling over) accomplishments. She learned to hold her bottle fast, loves doing raspberries, likes to try new foods, loves to play, master at tummy time and most recent can move around in her matt not a full crawl but close and can seat on her own for a few seconds and loves to stand in her activity gym. Can't wait until she starts to talk so far it's only  baby talk. 

 O N E  W E E K  🤍 

From hospital to home we have learned so much, & much more to learn and healing for me but let’s celebrate her 🙏🏼🤍 She loves to eat, has her sleeping cycle backwards haha 🤪we have seen her smile (I know it’s not reaction yet but still sweet to see), she found her hands so now she likes sucking her finger so we introduced the pacifier she loves it, went to her first doctor visit, we joke and call her Houdini because she always escapes her sleep sack/ swaddles and she meet her Ogilvie cousins 🤍

O N E  M O N T H with our sweet baby girl already 🤍Lily is more alert we love to see her big eyes opened, she loves eating, is the gassiest, spits up a lot, makes the cutest little girly noises, her paci is a life saver, she’s the most cuddliest and loves to be held all day. Things she doesn’t: like being put down 😅 and swaddles. Getting to know her outside the womb has been so special excited to see her continue to grow 🌻**by the way she posed her self 

T W O   M O N T H S with our little girl 🤍Lily started to smile and interact with us and it’s the sweetest gift 🤍she learned to hold and lift her rattle, loves eating, is very gassy, learning to hold the bottle, doesn't love tummy time on the ground but does on mommy, still loves to be held all day but sleeps longer stretches 🙏🏼 and got to meet her Tia and cousin🤍I am obsessed with her more every day, excited to see her grow🥰 

T H R E E   M O N T H S with our sweet girl already 🤍Lily found her voice and makes the sweetest noises🤍She can hold her neck up pretty well now prefers to have more awake time. Giggles at her daddy when he sings her favorite song (chosen by him) loves eating, loves to be held and entertained. She also got to meet more of my side of the family, a dream come true. We got to bless her at church and share thanksgiving with lots of family🤍I can’t believe she’s not a newborn anymore and continue to be in awe of the miracle of motherhood and feel lucky I get to be her mom 🥰 

 F O U R   M O N T H S with our sweet baby🤍Lily is very curious and loves to look and feel all things (and putting whatever she can grab in her mouth 😅)🤍She likes to play with toys now, loves eating and loves to be held and entertained. She went on her first ✈️flight and did amazing since she loves sleeping in arms. We had our first visit to Disney with her and she was very stimulated 😍Christmas was so fun to share with her cousins and matching jammies🤍She went to her first symphony where she enjoyed all the music. And finally we had the best time for New Years Eve with friends and family in Florida. So excited for 2023🥰

F I V E   M O N T H S with our Lily girl 🥰She has learned to roll over, likes to stand (assisted) more than seating )🤍She likes to nibble on her teething toys, hands and feet 😅 Finally enjoys bath time but started to have some sleep regression and likes to be active at night. We took her to some parties and she loved it—she’s so social and likes to smile, make bubbles with her mouth and meet new people. And she has tasted avocado (will introduce more veggies this coming month 😊) Can’t believe how different she looks physically too, my baby is growing.

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