Wow when other moms would tell me that time just runs away during the newborn stage I couldn't believe it. BUT now I know why this didn't feel true to me, it's because as a 1st time mom I really struggled during the recovery of my c-section. I thought I was superwoman or atleast try to be some version of her even if I had just been sliced opened from the inside outside. It was so difficult to let myself heal and not feel guilty that I wasn't healing fast enough, that I wasn't out and about already and sadly I felt I couldn't do much for my newborn girl right at that moment a Which yes healing takes TIME and yes the baby is growing as you heal but you can do what is possible by taking it day by day. Luckliy I had my parents to help but things like seating up were so hard but I could do chest to chest with her or have her nap by me. I just thought THIS was my forever which would cause me anxiety. 

Once I began to feel better mentally I did see how fast my baby was learning and growing and becoming less newborn. I  will always remember how clouded I felt but also know that it had an end date and so does the newborn stage. I love my baby girl since day one, since minute one of seeing her and hearing her cry --such a heavenly experience but I will try to be more paiteint with myself and just enjoy the yummness of a newborn and enjoy progressing and building that connection at first. 

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