Hello pretty friends, 

Kristin Nicole Andrade is my name better known as Kris. I was born in Miami Beach, Florida where the beach is just minutes away. Where the weather is warm almost 
all year long.

Being raised in the sunshine state allowed me to be culturally diverse. For those of you that have been to south Florida would know what I mean by calling it a melting pot.                                  

Growing up I always loved to “get ready” even more than attending the actual occasion. For me it was like playing dress up which later transitioned to an expression of my persona. 

With time I noticed that my peers would compliment my styling or ask where certain pieces were from. Giving me inspiration to share a little of myself with you. 

With love from, 

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Education: Bachelor of Science in Communication. Emphasis in Public Relations 

Siblings: Two sisters--I am the middle sister

Favorite colors: Pink, Nudes and Gold 

I love: Photography, Journal writing and shopping 

Job: Product Manager 

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